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Purchase and sale of real estate

We offer full assistance to foreign clients who decide to invest and buy a house in Spain, whether it is the purchase of new construction or the acquisition of second-hand homes. We advise throughout the entire process, from signing the deed to handing over the keys.
The client grants us a general power of attorney, and at MacLegal we legally assist the operations, so that the client can obtain the property in his name without having to travel.


Rental license

Sometimes, foreigners who buy a home in Spain rent it out. At MacLegal we are in charge of managing the tourist rental license and its subsequent management, as well as managing the declaration and deduction of the expenses and benefits of this home.



At MacLegal, we ensure the economic health of our clients. Therefore, when a foreign person acquires a property in Spain, we recommend making a will in Spain.

This is because, if something were to happen in the future, this will would help speed up the processing of the inheritance, making the process more practical and at a lower financial cost.



We have a large team of lawyers specialized in each matter to be as professional as possible and have all fields of law covered, being able to help from home construction defects to processes against banks for excessive commission charges, as well as claims against companies. insurance for injuries in traffic accidents, etc.

We offer preferential treatment in the following languages: English, Swedish, French, German, Polish, Dutch


Extinction of condominiums

A condominium is an asset owned by more than one person. At MacLegal we are in charge of advising and finding the most economical way to resolve the condominium of common properties.



Donation is the act of giving funds or other material goods. If you have to make a donation related to a property, we offer legal and management advice.



Inheritance is the set of assets, rights and obligations that a person can transmit to his heirs or legatees upon death. If you have to make a donation related to a home, we offer legal and management advice.

MacLegal Service Mobile

Our legal firm is committed to providing a comprehensive and close service to our clients. In order to facilitate access to legal advice, we have a specialized telephone service attentive to your needs. Our team of highly trained lawyers is available to answer your queries, offer legal guidance and provide effective solutions to your legal problems. We value direct and effective communication with our clients, which is why our telephone line represents an agile and reliable way to receive legal assistance or resolve any questions they may have.

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