Lawyer Litigation

The value of tranquility in any situation.

In the Litigation department we are passionately dedicated to defending the rights of our clients in courts throughout Spain. Our team is made up of highly specialized lawyers in various areas of law.

More than 30 years of success and experience.

Throughout our history, we have assisted numerous clients, obtaining significant victories in lawsuits against developers due to construction defects and facing various problems that arose after the acquisition of homes.

We have faced disputes with banks, insurance companies and more.

The legal field, given its breadth, has allowed us to bring together leading specialists in crucial branches of procedural law, covering civil, criminal, administrative, commercial and labor law.

With a strong and diverse team, we offer comprehensive protection to our clients, addressing any area in which they may be affected throughout their lives.

With over 30 years of experience in this field, we have built a remarkable track record of success. Our priority is to defend the interests of those who trust us, providing solid legal solutions and successful results in each case we take on.

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